Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Times of Chance and Times of Measure

In times of chance where an opportunity can change a life and alter the desteny of another . When I school teachers in history and governmental law always emphsized the first ammendment ”freedom of speech , freedom of opportunity etc.” . Thats great well years later I recieved a journal and read an article,” The Giant Debt Monster in the U.S. “ that the country is in national debt , stating constitutional law is in violation since 1913 the federal reserve act . Under Art #1 Sec# 8 1st ammendment rights to the Congress. While studying by reading the constitution this is true. We the people, need to measure up our elected officials ,they need to declare this and regain the article # 1 sec. # 8 of the first ammendment . This section states “Congress shall have right to coin and create the value of the dollar thereof.”Without the federal reserve congress shall have the constitutional authority to manage our u.s. dollar without debt and interest to pay back to the federal reserve in the form of federal tax imposed on the people and businesses in the country . Without inflation and deflation . Congress and the Senate can issue our dollar through the treasury and the mint. Then account for the coinage and dollars through the dept . of weights and measures as writin under the coinage act of 1792 an act establishing a mint and regulating the coins of the United States and start to distribute the dollar from the mint to to banks then to the people and businesses . Today H.R.1207 a bill introduced by Congressmen Ron Paul that now has 276 representive cosponsers and in the Senate S.604 introduced by Senator Mr.Demitt has 17 repesentive cosponsers to allow full audit of the federal reserve corp. for monitoring the U.S. monetary system this will give greater insight to see how the federal reserve lends our money.

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